Prices 2019

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1.5 hours:                                                                        Kr.       995
2 hours:                                                                            Kr.   1.225
3 hours:                                                                            Kr.   1.695
Kr. 350 – per hour thereafter
Day tour (8 hours):                                                       Kr.   2.475

School parties:
1 hour:                                                                              Kr.       895
Kr. 350 – per hour thereafter

Companion/transfer up to 3 hours:                       Kr.     995
Kr. 350 – per hour thereafter
Day tour (8 hours):                                                        Kr.   2.475

Entrance fees:
Aalborg Monastery:                                                       Kr.     400 – per group

Grey Friars Museum:                                                     Kr.        30 – per person
Opening by Historical Museum:                               Kr.     600 – per group
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 10:00-17:00
November – March 10:00-16:00
Outside these periods:                                                 Kr.   1.500 – per group
During Museum opening hours smaller groups can use the elevator in Algade
(outside the main entrance to Salling): cost kr. 40 – per 250 kg load.

Maximum group size per guide: up to 25.

For tours starting outside Aalborg’s city centre ring
(Østre Allé, Kong Christians Allé, Nørresundby Harbour),
a guide transport fee of kr. 300 – per day, or part thereof, will apply.

Received within 24 hours of the tour start: full price of the tour
Guide cancellation fee within 24 hours:                     Kr. 350 per guide.

EAN invoice/voucher will be subject to a fee of kr. 50
Payment/booking from abroad will be subject to a charge of kr. 100
Payment in full to be made no later than 7 days prior to the tour start.