Day Tours in the Region

Examples of Full-day and Half-day Tours:

  • Bus ride to Lindholm Høje Viking Burial Ground, Denmark’s largest ancient memorial with over 700 graves from 400 to 1000 A.D.
  • Voergaard Slot with its fascinating historical ‘twists & turns’ and its priceless collection of French art.
  • Skagen with visits to Skagen Art Gallery, Michael and Anna Ancher’s house and, via the ‘Sandormen’, to Grenen where the two seas meet.
  • Visit to Råbjerg Mile, Denmark’s Sahara Desert.
  • Vesthimmerland and Hanherred with visits to Vitskøl Monastery, Aggersborg Viking Ring Fortress and Tømmerby Church, etc.
  • Rold Skov (Denmark’s largest forest). Visit Rebild Bakker National Park. Spring water sources and Tingbæk Kalkmine home to Bundgaard sculptures.

Prices for full and half-day tours, with or without, transport, entrance fees, meals, etc., provided on request.