1. Nordkraft – from power plant to cultural centre …

On this tour of Nordkraft, you will hear of its transformation from electricity generating power plant to the modern, cultural centre it is today.Renovating old industrial buildings has become popular in many parts of the world and here in Aalborg it is no different. As you enter Nordkraft, you will be greeted by the rough walls, old carbon silos in the ceiling and quirky details of a significant, industrial workplace in the city’s heart. This walk not only takes you through the building but visits places that are not open to everyone. During the tour it will become very clear what a huge transformation Nordkraft has undergone. Today, it is a versatile building, teeming with life of all ages, taking advantage of the theatre, cinema, art & culture, music, sports & fitness, education, food & drink, etc. The many activities take advantage of the approx. 31,000 sq.m. on 14 floors – yes, it’s a centre that surprises most.

Max. 25 persons per guide; groups above this size will be split, with each having its own guide.